The best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.  The following are examples of client feedback:

"Wow, I have been struggling with low back pain and by working on my IT Band you fixed it!"

"I have not felt pain free in years. I know it will not last for a long time, but I am happy to be pain free right now".  Chicago client with severe rheumatoid arthritus for over 30 years.

"Thank you so much, I can now continue painting without pain in my shoulder"  Client who is a professional artist.

"I did not realize I had so many trigger points!  I thought it was just my lower back that hurt, but by addressing the trigger points in my upper back and thighs it resolved"  Client with chronic low back pain.

"Oh my God! I can raise my arm all the way!".  Mother of a newborn with a frozen shoulder due to holding her baby constantly on her right arm.  When she arrived she could not raise her arm laterally more than 10 degrees.

"Thank you so much for workout my leg cramp.  Thanks to you I was able to finish the Chicago Marathon"  Chicago Marathon runner who stopped at the medical tent at mile 18.

"I finally slept through the night after a reiki and HRT session post knee surgery.  I went for weeks post surgery without sleeping well due to the pain levels. Thank you!"  Client who had knee replacement surgery.

"The tendonitus in my elbow is subsiding after your massage and reiki work. Many thanks as well for helping me identify the probable activity that kept aggravating my elbow as well."  Client with chronic elbow tendonitus with severe flare-ups.

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